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The Float Zone
2034 Dabney Rd, Ste. A  Richmond, Virginia 23230


The Float Zone is Richmond’s premiere floatation destination. Four state of the art float pods are in operation 7 days a week with convenient hours. Floating has tremendous health benefits, ranging from pain and stress management, to helping with anxiety, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, recovery from injury, illness or cancer and a myriad of other conditions.
In your own private room inside your own float pod, you will effortlessly float face up in 10″ of skin temperature, ultra-filtered, crystal clear water that is saturated with 1000 pounds of epsom or magnesium salts. With restricted light and sound along with the anti-gravity state of floating, your brain will unplug and enter a meditative state. You’ll emerge after an hour, feeling distinctly different in both your mind and your body.
Come to The Float Zone to relax, to rejuvenate, reduce pain, recover from injury, for heightened inspiration and creativity, or just for fun. We support you and your healthy lifestyle. Come float with us!
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